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I managed to get Ernie Ball Regular Slinky strings at the lowest price I've seen for maybe nearly twenty years. I ordered them on ebay from Japan. They're due to arrive any day. So once I receive them I can restring and hopefully come with up with some more new ideas.

I recorded three short jam sessions in November which contain ideas or riffs so I will be listening back to those soon and assesssing them.

On the downside, it appears that Native Instruments software is not very reliable. I installed Native Access, and then downloaded and installed Kontakt 6, so I could then download and install GetGood Drums Invasion which I purchased. Invasion is drum programming software that has to be used through Kontakt, and also, it has to be digitally wired into your DAW too, which doesn't look like a straightforward task, judging from a YouTube tutorial video I watched.

Anyway, my installation of Native Access no longer works ALREADY and I can't even uninstall it from Windows 7. It just doesn't respond hardly at all.

After doing searches online I find lots of results from people who have trouble with Native Instruments software, so I don't know if I'm going to get that stuff working at all. So at the moment I don't have any drum programming software I want to use, unless I go back to working with DrumCore 3 Free...

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  • Jonathan Morgan

Hey people. Here's some brand new prose, or poetry (maybe), written this year that will become lyrics to my as yet to be written, and produced next album, which I think "Black Madonna" is the most suitable title I've come up with for it yet. These are possibly the most personal and intimate "lyrics" I've ever written...

Letting You Go

I kind of don't want to hold on any more I kind of want to let go... I have to let go I have to move on I have to move on... Mentally I will never forget you I will remember the good times we shared Though at a distance My memories of you, I can feel They make me feel something, at least And I know it's good I loved you so much At a distance... At a distance.

Black Madonna

It seems Or seemed So... Irresistable To feel your body To caress it, as much as I like To be inside you any way I want I ask, I get Will you? "Yes" "Whatever you want" A dream long wished to come true But even at a time of risk? Somebody I've not met before? It just sounds so easy All for some paper of value You could so easily be mine, Black Madonna

I'm a 37 year old professional psychedelic rock guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, as I play bass too, and I use electronic instruments and compose other sounds using my DAW also. If you want to know more about me, including my biography, visit my website (this site) at the following link... I'm looking for a musical partner. A drummer to start off with. I'm a bit fed up of programming drums after so many years, and I don't really want to work with session drummers for fees who do the job but don't promote the work they do in collaboration. I have loads of gear but I am currently looking to update my guitar sound mostly because I've used the same distortion sound a lot for a long time. I'm on the case about that, but I feel it is really time for new material to be written. I last released new material in January, and an updated version of one of my best pieces in July. I just want to do things differently at this point to how I've been making music for years. If you like my previously released music enough, which you can listen to on my website, or via the link on there to my Bandcamp discography, which is very large then please send me a message if you would like to work together over the internet initially, then when the "pandemic" thing has blown over a bit next Spring we can look towards jamming and working together in person. You must be a really good drummer and have recording facilities and/or your own studio space to record drums. You must want to do it because you just want to be involved and appreciate my music enough. Plus if you know any bassists too that would help, because ideally I'd like to eventually form a band or at least a jamming trio with a permanent rehearsal studio that's ours. A lockup, but really psychedelic, with like Christmas lights hung up and a lava lamp of different colours in each corner and decorated with wall hangings and drapes so we can trip out to our jams to make and record new music. We could even use analog technology to record jams to tape with just an 8 track mixer. I wouldn't mind using a laptop and a DAW but we'd at least need an audio interface in there too then. Thanks for reading. Get in touch if you're interested in creating some really original psychedelic rock. Thanks a lot.