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So yeah. It has been a while since I posted here. Nearly six months. The DistroKid thing didn't work out. It wasn't a suitable platform for me, so I decided to withdraw my commercial discography. My releases with Kundry Music are still available on streaming services. I am pretty much exclusively Bandcamp-based these days, except for my account, and my SoundCloud account. I have a Pro Unlimited account on SoundCloud now, so there's more uploads there and has been for at least a couple of months.

I released an updated and improved mix of "Consciousness" via Bandcamp back in July, which I'm really pleased with, and a remix of "The World is My Bride" from my A Return to the World EP in November. Please see my Bandcamp profile to hear these. The link is on my Music page.

I posted my most mature and best musician's classifieds advert yet on Join My Band over a week ago, and then had it featured shortly after for a small fee. The advert received over 500 views. I will post the advert in my next blog post in full for musicians that may be interested.

Then after that, I posted some prose, which may become lyrics on my next album on my blog a few days ago, and they are the most mature and intimate words I may have ever written. The post received a lot more views than other posts. I plan to write different sorts of lyrics for my next album, whenever that will be, so it won't all be like that, lyrically. It will be diverse.

Currently waiting for new strings to arrive for my main guitar, to be restrung so I may jam a bit once that is done. I would rather be playing with other musicians though, as my Join My Band advert states.

  • Jonathan Morgan

After some thought earlier this week I looked for an alternative to TuneCore to publish my music commercially. I said in one of my previous blog posts that my commercial discography would be retired by March next year, but in the end I've decided to cancel my renewals with TuneCore, and remove my releases and go with another online publisher, who I had heard of before, a few years ago but I tried TuneCore first, and it cost me a lot of money, with little in return, earned from my music. The new publisher I have chosen is DistroKid. It is a lot more sensibly priced and I have already submitted six releases for commercial distribution. Some of them are already up on a bunch of online music streaming services. They take a little bit longer to appear on Spotify it seems so if you had been listening to my music on Spotify the music will be back, and this time, my discography will be larger, because I have already released some material that hasn't seen a commercial release before like the song "Temple" as a single, and my "Realised" EP, for example. There will be more of it too.

One of the releases I will be especially glad to release commercially soon is my "The Eyes of the Mystic" EP, which will include the Hammerfest Mix of "The Realisation", not the original mix from the original version of the EP that's on my Bandcamp. Fans of Big Muff fuzz should check out The Eyes of the Mystic when it is released, or you can check it out on my Bandcamp already.

So, my commercial discography will be here to stay this time for a small fee. I will also be trying some new promotion techniques to hopefully get more of you listening, and purchasing my music, if I'm lucky! Check my music out on Spotify or iTunes, or your favourite streaming service, see if I'm on there. There'll be more from me soon,


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  • Jonathan Morgan

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

A month or two ago I decided to remove my commercial discography from audio streaming sites worldwide by cancelling my yearly renewals with my publisher, TuneCore.

Going commercial with my music independently has not been very successful for me. I have had way more outgoings financially than I have made from streaming my music. I decided it wasn't worth continuing to keep paying TuneCore once a year for all my releases for little in return.

Some of my releases have already been removed as they have expired. By next March my commercial discography that I published under the Elysian Mantra imprint will be gone from streaming sites. Only my releases published with Duo Box Records (Kundry Music) will remain.

Thank you if you have listened to my music on Spotify, for example, or any other platform, and a special thanks to people that purchased my music for download.

As of May 2020 I have been concentrating on my collaboration with a friend over the net under the name Elixir of Sleep, which is my priority for the foreseeable future.