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It's been a long time, blog!

So yeah. It has been a while since I posted here. Nearly six months. The DistroKid thing didn't work out. It wasn't a suitable platform for me, so I decided to withdraw my commercial discography. My releases with Kundry Music are still available on streaming services. I am pretty much exclusively Bandcamp-based these days, except for my account, and my SoundCloud account. I have a Pro Unlimited account on SoundCloud now, so there's more uploads there and has been for at least a couple of months.

I released an updated and improved mix of "Consciousness" via Bandcamp back in July, which I'm really pleased with, and a remix of "The World is My Bride" from my A Return to the World EP in November. Please see my Bandcamp profile to hear these. The link is on my Music page.

I posted my most mature and best musician's classifieds advert yet on Join My Band over a week ago, and then had it featured shortly after for a small fee. The advert received over 500 views. I will post the advert in my next blog post in full for musicians that may be interested.

Then after that, I posted some prose, which may become lyrics on my next album on my blog a few days ago, and they are the most mature and intimate words I may have ever written. The post received a lot more views than other posts. I plan to write different sorts of lyrics for my next album, whenever that will be, so it won't all be like that, lyrically. It will be diverse.

Currently waiting for new strings to arrive for my main guitar, to be restrung so I may jam a bit once that is done. I would rather be playing with other musicians though, as my Join My Band advert states.

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