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It seems that I might be getting into the flow for a new album

Hello all. I hope visitors are liking my new website. If you would like to email me any feedback on it then my contact details are on the home page.

Recently, I wrote, and produced a song, with the help of session drummer Chris Allan (who is my regular collaborator) on drums to the point of what I currently consider completion, which is most likely going to be on my next release of some kind. I am kind of aiming toward a new album. If I manage to write enough new material, roughly by Spring time I will not be releasing it via my Elysian Mantra imprint straight away. I had decided a few weeks ago to contact and try a few record labels this time so I can get my music released on vinyl which has been a goal of mine for some time.

At this point, today, I have another brand new song that I'm working on which is scheduled to have drums added to it very soon, and to be honest, even though it is a lot simpler than the first song I completed with an album in mind, ("The World is My Bride"), this latest song sounds like it's on a totally different level. With more focus on vocals; the recording of those was a beautiful experience by the way, this latest song has indicated that I could still produce my best album to date, possibly featuring more vocals.

As I said in my previous post, none of this is "set in stone" and I am working as and when I feel like doing so, but there seems to be a bit of a work flow coming back, which is good news.


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