• Jonathan Morgan

New EP release via Bandcamp.

Originally considered to be part of a new album for 2020, yet after some careful thoughts, consideration, and ideas tonight, I have decided to release my two latest songs, which have been about two months ín the making as this two song independent EP, "A Return to the World". There will probably not be a digital, commercial release of this EP.

I started writing and recording "This World is My Bride" in quite late 2019 which I recently uploaded a demo of to SoundCloud with a slightly different title. It is now just after midnight, going into the 21st of January, 24 hour time. It is still the 20th to me... Anyway, so, here it is. Some new material from me. The latest material. The songs are all the natural mixes. There's no mastering plugins applied. I like dynamic. I like natural. I hope you all enjoy listening. Thanks.


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