• Jonathan Morgan

Some brand new prose.

Hey people. Here's some brand new prose, or poetry (maybe), written this year that will become lyrics to my as yet to be written, and produced next album, which I think "Black Madonna" is the most suitable title I've come up with for it yet. These are possibly the most personal and intimate "lyrics" I've ever written...

Letting You Go

I kind of don't want to hold on any more I kind of want to let go... I have to let go I have to move on I have to move on... Mentally I will never forget you I will remember the good times we shared Though at a distance My memories of you, I can feel They make me feel something, at least And I know it's good I loved you so much At a distance... At a distance.

Black Madonna

It seems Or seemed So... Irresistable To feel your body To caress it, as much as I like To be inside you any way I want I ask, I get Will you? "Yes" "Whatever you want" A dream long wished to come true But even at a time of risk? Somebody I've not met before? It just sounds so easy All for some paper of value You could so easily be mine, Black Madonna

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