• Jonathan Morgan

Status of My Commercial Discography.

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

A month or two ago I decided to remove my commercial discography from audio streaming sites worldwide by cancelling my yearly renewals with my publisher, TuneCore.

Going commercial with my music independently has not been very successful for me. I have had way more outgoings financially than I have made from streaming my music. I decided it wasn't worth continuing to keep paying TuneCore once a year for all my releases for little in return.

Some of my releases have already been removed as they have expired. By next March my commercial discography that I published under the Elysian Mantra imprint will be gone from streaming sites. Only my releases published with Duo Box Records (Kundry Music) will remain.

Thank you if you have listened to my music on Spotify, for example, or any other platform, and a special thanks to people that purchased my music for download.

As of May 2020 I have been concentrating on my collaboration with a friend over the net under the name Elixir of Sleep, which is my priority for the foreseeable future.


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